On My Command is a heavy metal band from Brisbane, Australia, influenced by the classic metal sounds of bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest. Created by guitarist and (originally reluctant) vocalist Sean Mackay, the band combines elements of traditional, NWOBHM, thrash and power metal.

The band’s debut album “Apparitions” delivers a solid 50 minutes of heavy riffs, double kicking bass drums and melodic leads. From the spooky introduction of ‘Opening the tomb…’ to the 8-minute long World War I themed closer ‘Through the Dardanelles’ this release will maintain your attention from start to finish.

Apart from the catchy title track, the album also includes the lead single ‘Starfighter MMCXVI’ and the relentless ‘The Seer’ which are all sure to be fan favourites for many years to come. The album also boasts stunning cover art from renowned artist Andreas Marschall who has worked with bands such as HammerFall, Kreator, In Flames, Obituary and Blind Guardian.

“Apparitions” marks but the start of the On My Command journey, with work already commencing on a second album and plans to unleash the band into the live arena.