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Australian heavy metal act ON MY COMMAND have announced their second album “Prey” will be released worldwide on 17 December 2021.

“Prey” builds on their 2018 debut album “Apparitions,” and sees On My Command flying the Aussie flag as part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM). It features 40 minutes of raw metallic energy, with nine tracks seamlessly combining traditional metal with doses of early thrash and power metal.

On My Command guitarist and vocalist Sean Mackay is joined on “Prey” by New York wunderkind James Knoerl on session drums. Mixing and mastering duties were expertly handled by Andy Kite from Adelaide’s Against the Grain Studios, with Andreas Marschall (Hammerfall, Kreator, Blind Guardian) returning with another amazing piece of cover art.

To accompany the new album announcement, On My Command have unleashed a new single “Shadowbeast.”

Sean notes that “Shadowbeast” gives listeners a sneak peek at what On My Command sounds like in 2021.  “Shadowbeast is non-stop energy with heavy riffs, melodic leads, and powerful drums and groove. This provides a good representation of what this album will deliver for fans of good old heavy metal.”

Prey is available now for preorder. It will be released in both digital and physical formats (vinyl and CD) on 17 December 2021. To secure a copy go

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